The Welsh Karate Governing Body

Welsh Karate Governing Body

The only karate governing body recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), World and European Karate Federations (WKF and EKF), the British Karate Federation (BKF) and Sport Wales.

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The WKGB serves its associations and members, as a focal point for administration and information to regulate and develop karate in Wales.

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In Memoriam

Mick was a former President of the English Karate Federation, former chairman of the European Karate Federation Technical Committee, former member of the European ...

WKGB Children & Youth Competition 2024

Competition fighting takes a lot of guts, and these young karatekas made it look easy. Everyone showed fantastic fighting spirit, composure, and control on the ...

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Developing Karate in Wales

Karate endows students and participants with confidence and discipline, by imparting the budo spirit through a unique form of physical training.

Martial arts training for personal development or for competition and 'sport karate', is always thrilling and rewarding.

Want to learn karate?

Find a club near you and train with qualified instructors. You're welcome to enquire and join any club, and participate in karate classes.

History & Milestones

Since incorporation in 2005, WKGB Ltd. has supported karate within Wales, read more about the ongoing achievements, work and activities of the Governing Body.


The Welsh National Karate Team is selected for high profile events such as K1, Grand Slam, Commonwealth, European & World Championships.

Safeguarding statement

As the National Governing Body for Karate in Wales we aim to provide a safe, structured, inclusive and friendly environment for all members through our member clubs.

We are committed to good practice which protects everyone from harm.

We believe that the welfare of participants is the responsibility of everyone but as the NGB for Karate in Wales we have a particular duty of care to safeguard those involved in our activities.

Safeguarding policies
WKGB statement on equality


The WKGB fully committed to the principles of equality of opportunity for all, and acknowledges that sports equity is about fairness in sport, equality of access, recognising inequalities and taking steps to resolve them.

Karate is about giving people the confidence to realise their potential and to be the best they can be. Welsh Karate Governing Body is committed to both upholding these ideals, and to excellence in training karate in Wales.

About the WKGB

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