Events & Away Trips Policy

Events & Away Trips Policy

WKGB Ltd is committed to providing a caring, friendly, and safe environment for all our athletes so that they can train and play in a relaxed and secure atmosphere.

Statement of Intent

WKGB Ltd is committed to providing a caring, friendly, and safe environment for all our athletes so that they can train and play in a relaxed and secure atmosphere.

Travelling to competitions and events away from home should be both safe and fun for our athletes (which includes all young people under the age of 18). It should be a chance for all athletes to grow in confidence, self-esteem, and skills.

Parents and carers will nearly always worry when their children are away but careful planning and preparation should help to ease those worries and demonstrate that WKGB has taken into account the various needs of their children and the potential dangers of a trip away.

1. Transporting athletes

The WKGB Ltd follows the following Good Practice:

  • Parents/carers are made aware that they are responsible for safe delivery and collection of their child for training and competitions
  • Where parents/carers make arrangements for the transportation of children to and from a WKGB activity without the knowledge of the WKGB, it will be the responsibility of the parents to satisfy themselves about the appropriateness and safety of the arrangements.
  • Where WKGB make arrangements for the transportation of children the members of staff and volunteers involved will undertake a risk assessment of the transportation required.
  • There will always be a qualified first aider and first aid box available.
  • If any of the group have medical issues, they must inform the Head of Delegation to ensure that staff are aware of how to deal with any potential medical situation.

2. Trips away from Home (involving overnight stays)

WKGB will provide the following information is to parents/carers:

  • Why the trip is planned
  • When the trip will take place – date, times including the departure and the estimated time of return
  • Where the trip is to – destination, venue
  • Meeting points
  • Cost implications, i.e. competition fee, spending, transport
  • Head of Delegation contact details
  • Arrangements for food and drink
  • Details of insurance
  • Date for paying deposit
  • Details of Transport
  • Codes of conduct for both staff and players
  • Emergency procedures and telephone contacts
  • Catering arrangements
  • Consent forms

3. Risk Assessment

Potential areas of risk should be identified at the planning stage through a risk assessment, which is legally required, and which should be recorded in writing. Safeguards will be put in place to manage the risks, where appropriate.

4. Accommodation

When attending International Karate events, the WKGB will use the accommodation as sourced and recommended by the European and World Karate Federations.

The following is a (non-exhaustive) list of some of the practical things which WKGB will consider in advance about the arrangements for accommodation:

  • All beds will be single.
  • Children and staff must not share a room.
  • Appropriate safeguards where others have access to the sleeping quarters.
  • Personal safety issues.
  • Safety deposit boxes for valuables.

5. Adult to Child Ratios

All trips away will be planned to involve at least two adults. Those involved will be recruited and selected in accordance with WKGB policies and procedures.

Group leaders will be familiar with and agree to abide by the WKGB’s Child Protection Policy, Procedures and Codes of Conduct.

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