Refereeing qualifications are overseen by WKGB's Chief Referee, and awarded in accordance with World Karate Federation protocols.

Eligibility for Referee / Judge Status

Before attending a WKGB National Course for Referee/Judges Examination the candidate should ideally have some knowledge of the rules at the association level. Although this is not a requirement all candidates must observe the strict rules of the dress code and the following criteria:

  • The candidate must be over 21 years of age.
  • The candidate must be 1st Dan or above (although Kyu grades can attend the course but cannot qualify).
  • A WKGB National Referee must be 25 years and over.
  • European Judge/Referee must be 28 years and over and at least 2nd Dan
  • All candidates must be in possession of a current WKGB licence.
  • Provisional qualification will be awarded based on the assessments made by the Chief Referee.
  • The Chief Referee's decision is final.
  • Ratification of any qualifications will be made at WKGB Senior or Cadet Championships.
  • Tatami Chiefs are appointed at the Chief Referee's discretion after a minimum of two years as "A" Referee.
  • Consideration for International Qualification will be given after a minimum of three years at the Chief Referee's discretion.

World qualifications may only be attempted if the candidate has obtained an international qualification, and is recommended to the World Karate Federation Referee Council by the Chief Referee.

All WKGB Referee and Judges Qualifications expire after 1 year.

Any disputes that arise regarding refereeing matters will be dealt with through the Chief Referee.

How to become a WKGB Referee or Judge

How to become a WKGB Referee or Judge

Referee & Judge Accolades

Congratulations are given to the following officials of the WKGB.

Mair Phillips Gaining British Karate Federation qualifications as a Kata Judge & Kumite Referee on the weekend 5/6th of September 2009.

Dan Phillips for gaining the same qualifications as his mother above WOW! What a family double.

And a huge boost for the Governing body was young Jason Ashcroft on passing his World Referee in Rabat Morocco (12-15 Nov 2009) this is really massive for the WKGB as we now have two world-qualified Referee's which is tremendous for such a small nation. "Well done, Jase."

Refereeing Team

WKGB Chief Referee:

Chico Mbakwe - 8th Dan WKF World 'A' Class Referee


WKGB Commission:

Jason Ashcroft - WKF World 'A' Class Referee

Mair Phillips - WKF World 'B' Class Judge, EKF European 'A' Class Referee

Dan Phillips - WKF World 'B' Class Judge, EKF European 'A' Class Referee

Gwyn Evans - British Referee

Paul Greenway - National Referee

Refereeing Team

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