Awareness Around Financial Abuse

Awareness Around Financial Abuse

Financial abuse can take various forms

From coercion to outright theft

Financial abuse could be someone stealing money or other valuables from you. Or it might be that someone appointed to look after your money on your behalf is using it inappropriately or coercing you to spend it in a way you're not happy with such as:

  • Someone taking or misusing someone else’s money or belongings for their own gain.
  • Harming, depriving or disadvantaging the victim.
  • Controlling someone’s purchases or access to money.
  • Often associated with other forms of abuse.

Behaviours to be aware of

Some of the behaviours and signs that might suggest financial abuse could be happening:

  • Changes or deterioration in standards of living e.g. not having items or things
    they would usually have.
  • Isolation and withdrawal from friends and family.
  • Lack of things you’d expect someone to be able to afford e.g. TV, grooming items, clothing.

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