Welfare Officer (WO)

Welfare Officer (WO)

Every WKGB Member Association should designate a person or persons to be responsible for dealing with any concerns about the Protection of Children/Adults at Risk.


Individual Member Association WO/CPO’s WKGB role/responsibilities and how they can be contacted should be available to all association members. 

The Officer should ensure they are knowledgeable about Child/Adults at risk protection and that they undertake any training considered necessary to keep themselves updated on new developments.

Club Welfare Officer (Alternative titles Club Safeguarding Officer)

About the role

The person within a sports club with primary responsibility for managing and reporting concerns about children and young people, and for putting into place safeguarding procedures in the club.


Duties and responsibilities: 

  • Work with others in the club to ensure a positive child-centred environment.
  • Assist the organisation in fulfilling its responsibilities to safeguard children at club level.
  • Assist the organisation in implementing its safeguarding children plan at club level.
  • Act as the first point of contact for staff, volunteers, parents/carers, children and young people where concerns about children’s welfare, poor practice or abuse are identified. 
  • Work closely with the Lead Safeguarding Officer to ensure the best safeguarding practice.
  • Implement the organisation’s reporting and recording procedures to maintain contact details for the local children. social care department, the police, Designated Officer (formerly LADO), and the Local Safeguarding Children Board.
  • Promote the organisation’s best-practice guidance and/or code of conduct within the club. 


Required skills and abilities:

  • Child-centred approach 
  • Basic administration and computer skills 
  • Basic advice and support-provision skills 
  • Communication skills, including the use of social media 
  • Ability to maintain records
  • Ability to promote the organisation’s policy, procedures and resources

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