BKF Four Nations Championships 2020, 16-17 May, East Durham College

BKF Four Nations Championships 2020, 16-17 May, East Durham College

BKF Four Nations Championships 2020 Invitational

16th and 17th May 2020

East Durham College, Peterlee Campus, Willerby Grove, Peterlee, Co. Durham SR8 2RN

All entries are online only via Sportdata. For registration please visit: www.Sportdata.org

BKF Tournament Organiser, Raj Bhardwaj, e-mail: raj@knowitall.co.uk Mobile: +44 7769 697858 Skype ID: rajknowitall

British Karate Federation www.britishkaratefederation.co.uk

Schedule: Saturday 16th May 2020

Girls Kata 7-9 years KA01 Boys Kata 7-9 years KA04
Girls Kata 10-11 years KA02 Boys Kata 10-11 years KA05
Girls Kata 12-13 years KA03 Boys Kata 12-13 years KA06
Girls Kata 7-9 years KA07 Boys Kata 7-9 years KA10
Girls Kata 10-11 years KA08 Boys Kata 10-11 years KA11
Girls Kata 12-13 years KA09 Boys Kata 12-13 years KA12
Para Kata Learning Disabilities KA13 Para Kata Wheelchair KA14
    Para Kata Blind and Visually Impaired KA15
Girls Kumite 7-9 years -25kg KU01 Boys Kumite 7-9 years -25kg KU07
Girls Kumite 7-9 years +25kg KU02 Boys Kumite 7-9 years +25kg KU08
Girls Kumite 10-11 years -35kg KU03 Boys Kumite 10-11 years -35kg KU09
Girls Kumite 10-11 years +35kg KU04 Boys Kumite 10-11 years +35kg KU10
Girls Kumite 12-13 years -40kg KU05 Boys Kumite 12-13 years -45kg KU11
Girls Kumite 12-13 years +40kg KU06 Boys Kumite 12-13 years +45kg KU12
Girls Team Kumite (3) 7-9 years KT01 Boys Team Kumite (3) 7-9 years KT04
Girls Team Kumite (3) 10-11 years KT02 Boys Team Kumite (3) 10-11 years KT05
Girls Team Kumite (3) 12-13 years KT03 Boys Team Kumite (3) 12-13 years KT06
Female Cadet Kata KA15 Male Cadet Kata KA20
Female Junior Kata KA16 Male Junior Kata KA21
Female U21 Kata KA17 Male U21 Kata KA22
Female Senior Kata KA18 Male Senior Kata KA23
Female Veteran Kata KA19 Male Veteran Kata KA24
Female Super Veteran Kata KA39 MaleSuperVeteran Kata KA40
Female Cadet & Junior Team Kata KA25 Male Cadet & Junior Team Kata KA27
Female Senior Team Kata KA26 Male Senior Team Kata KA28
Female Veteran Team Kata KA29 Male Veteran Team Kata KA30
International Kata Teams      


Schedule: Saturday 17th May 2018

Female Cadet Pairs Kata KA31 Male cadet Pairs Kata KA32
Female Junior Pairs Kata KA33 Male Junior Pairs Kata KA34
Female Senior Pairs Kata KA35 Male Senior Pairs Kata KA36
Female Veteran Pairs Kata KA37 Male Veteran Pairs Kata KA38
Female Cadet Kumite -47kg KU13 Male Cadet Kumite -52kg KU16
Female Cadet Kumite -54kg KU14 Male Cadet Kumite -57kg KU17
Female Cadet Kumite +54kg KU15 Male Cadet Kumite -63kg KU18
    Male Cadet Kumite -70kg KU19
    Male Cadet Kumite +70kg KU20
Female Junior Kumite -48kg KU21 Male Junior Kumite -55kg KU25
Female Junior Kumite -53kg KU22 Male Junior Kumite -61kg KU26
Female Junior Kumite -59kg KU23 Male Junior Kumite -68kg KU27
Female Junior Kumite +59kg KU24 Male Junior Kumite -76kg KU28
    Male Junior Kumite +76kg KU29
Female U21 Kumite -50kg KU30 Male U21 Kumite -60kg KU35
Female U21 Kumite -55kg KU31 Male U21 Kumite -67kg KU36
Female U21 Kumite -61kg KU32 Male U21 Kumite -75kg KU37
Female U21 Kumite -68kg KU33 Male U21 Kumite -84kg KU38
Female U21 Kumite +68kg KU34 Male U21 Kumite +84kg KU39
Female Senior Kumite -50kg KU40 Male Senior Kumite -60kg KU45
Female Senior Kumite -55kg KU41 Male Senior Kumite -67kg KU46
Female Senior Kumite -61kg KU42 Male Senior Kumite -75kg KU47
Female Senior Kumite -68kg KU43 Male Senior Kumite -84kg KU48
Female Senior Kumite +68kg KU44 Male Senior Kumite +84kg KU49
Female Veteran Kumite Open KU50 Male Veteran Kumite Open KU51
Female Super Veteran Kumite Open KU52 Male Super Veteran Kumite Open KU53
Female Cadet Team Kumite (3) KT07 Male Cadet Team Kumite (3) KT10
Female Junior Team Kumite (3) KT08 Male Junior Team Kumite (3) KT11
Female Senior Team Kumite (3) KT09 Male Senior Team Kumite (3) KT12


Demonstration Category

With a view to allowing our national teams an opportunity to stress test their Kata under competition conditions, we are again running a demonstration category (with separate medals):

  • International Kata Teams (teams need to be from the same country).
  • Male or female teams are welcome.
  • Any age from 14 years is welcome.
  • Bunkai is an option in the final only - as long as both teams wish to proceed on this basis.

Some important notes

Photography and Recording
The BKF plan to engage a photographer who will take action shots of the competitors. Video and photographs will be taken at the event for promotional purposes, however should anyone have a concern please contact the event organiser prior to the event.

For BKF members, only NGB-accredited coaches are permitted in the Tatami area and must display their accreditation badges upon entry. If the badge is not shown, a spectator fee will apply. Anyone wishing to coach at the Tatami must have NGB accreditation to verify that they are aware of the required rules, responsibilities and expected conduct. Without this accreditation a coach pass will not be issued by the event organiser to BKF members.

Coach: Dress code:
Coaches must be in association tracksuits and clearly display their coaching ID badge. Inappropriate dress, as deemed by the Chief Referee, will be refused access to the competition area. Only coaches adhering to the correct dress code and in possession of a coaching pass will be allowed on the competition area.

Coach: Medical
We record every injury that gives us the slightest concern, however, symptoms often occur after the incident and we would ask that the coach or representative informs the medical team of any concerns he or she has at the time of the incident, or any time after, no matter how trivial it may seem.

We fully intend to have Repechage for CADETS, JUNIORS and SENIORS Individual Kumite.
However, the Chief Referee has the authority to withdraw the repechage if the time frame becomes critical. Competitors can only compete in their own categories and cannot move up to compete in another category. In the unlikely event of low-category entries, the organisers reserve the right to amalgamate categories.

Insurance: It is the responsibility of each individual, or parent/guardian of a competitor if under 18 years of age, to have their own insurance cover for the event. Please advise your competitors accordingly regarding insurance coverage. It is the responsibility of the clubs/coaches to ensure that all competitors are aware of this and have been advised of adequate cover. Association/club parental consent to compete is also required. This is the responsibility of the association.

Health and Safety issues have been discussed and we try to plan for every eventuality. However, this is a busy tournament and due care and attention are required in all areas. Would all coaches/parents ensure that their children are properly chaperoned. Karate matches are performed in bare feet; please ensure proper footwear is used in the arena and surrounding areas, especially approaching the mats.

Disclaimer: Karate is a martial art and contact sport. People can and do get injured and we cannot accept responsibility for any such injury, loss or accident arising from your participation in our training, competitions or associated activities and ask that you are aware, agree and accept this by entering or giving permission to enter this event. We should also be notified, in writing, of any medical condition that may have relevance to their participation in Karate.

If you require any further information or assistance, then please contact the Tournament Organiser Raj Bhardwaj via tournaments@britishkaratefederation.com

All Competitor & Coach Registration is via Sportdata

All entries are online only via Sportdata. For registration please visit: www.Sportdata.org.

It is the responsibility of coaches to ensure that all competitors are registered and are in the correct categories. Competitors are only allowed to compete in their own age/weight category and are not allowed to move up a category. Entries will only be accepted via your coach/association and not from individuals.

Coach Registration: All coaches must register on-line via Sportdata before the closing date. Coach passes will only be issued to coaches who are NGB accredited (for BKF members) and registered via Sportdata (for international and non-WKF coaches).

Entry fees

Individual events £25
Team Events (2-3 person) £30
Team Events (5 person) £50
Family pass - weekend £50
Adult - 2 day pass £15
Adult - 1 day pass £10
Children - 16 yrs / concession - 2 day pass £10
Children - 16 yrs / concession - 1 day pass £5


The closing date for entries and payment of entry fees is 3rd May 2020.

No late entries permitted. Payment should be made at the time of entry. However, if entry fees arenot received by the closing date entries will be removed from the draw.

Please ensure that if paying by BACS you have an identifying reference against your payment i.e. club/ association name. Please also provide a receipt or confirmation of your BACS payment to the organiser via tournaments@britishkaratefederation.com.

All payments should be made using the PayPal
link via Sportdata. This is the preferred method
of payment.

Or by BACS payment direct to:

Bank: Santander
Name British Karate Federation
Account number 15891790
Sort code 09-01-29

Publication of the draw and timeline

A first draft of the draw will be published on Monday Monday 4th May 2020 via Sportdata. Coaches will be invited to check for any errors (these usually involve a change in weight category). A new draw will follow any addition / subtraction of an athlete in a given category. In an abundance of transparency, Coaches will be welcome to view the draw being conducting by joining a Skype conference call; please send the Event Organiser a Skype friend request (Skype ID: rajknowitall) by the 30th of April if you wish to view the draw in real time.

The timeline for the Championships weekend will be published on Tuesday 5th May 2020 on Sportdata.


Finals and Medals

Each category will run straight through to the final and medals will be announced and awarded on the mats immediately after each category. Medallists will then be invited to the podium for photographs.


Rules of the day

The doors will open at 7:30am and the event will start 8.30am prompt both days. Later in the day,(i.e. for categories starting from 10am onward), athletes should aim to arrive at least two hours beforethey are scheduled to compete.
Should the event run ahead of schedule category start times may be brought forward. Competitor check-in will be carried out prior to each category starting.

13 and under - alternate Katas; for individuals, pairs and teams.
There will be no Kata Bunkai required with the potential exception of the demonstration category(International Kata Teams).

Kata 7-13 years. AKA and AO will perform their Kata simultaneously i.e. on an area at the same time.Kata categories for this age group will hence continue to use the flag system by Referees.

Kata and Kumite for 14 years and above will be held under WKF rules, which will be strictly applied. Hence the WKF Kata scoring system will be deployed (and not the flag system) by referees.

Kumite weigh in: We will operate a weigh-in for Kumite athletes. Any competitor found not to be the correct weight for the category they have entered will not be allowed to compete. We cannot move competitors to another weight category if they fail the weight checks. Athletes competing on the Sunday may volunteer to weigh in on the Saturday.

Pairs & Teams: All members of team must be from the same club/association with the exception of the demonstration category (International Kata Teams).

Compulsory protective wear:
Red/blue foot protection and hand mitts, as well as gum shields are compulsory for all. Body protectors and chest guards are compulsory at 12 years and above. 14 years and above - all females must wear a chest protector. Anyone with braces on the lower teeth MUST have a full upper and lower gum shield.

BKF Chief Referee: Mr Dale Gamble: REFEREES' BRIEFING 8.00am


Bags and equipment should not be left where they potentially present a trip hazard. Nor should they be left at the side of the Tatami whilst competing.
Spectators in the seating area should remain seated. Spectators should not stand by the barriers adjacent to the Tatami as this blocks the view of seated spectators and causes a potential health and safety hazard.

Official Hotel

The BKF has secured a discounted rate for those attending these Championships.

We will be updating this bulletin with details shortly.

Athlete Operating Procedure

Each category (or pool of a category) is scheduled to run on a specific Tatami. The category will be clearly announced over the public address system and the athletes in that category should then make their way to the corresponding holding area (i.e. if you're scheduled to be on Tatami 1 - wait in holding area 1).

Holding areas for each Tatami will be clearly designated in the area adjacent to the Tatamis, behind the barrier. Coaches should ensure that their competitors have assembled in the correct holding area. A Tatami volunteer will then collect the competitors, one by one for each match. The first visit for any category (or pool) will select competitors for the current bout plus next bout. Bout competitors will then take a seat in the allocated area awaiting their bout.

Coaches should consult the available draw sheets to determine the competitor position in the draw. (This is available via Sportdata and is also displayed within the arena area.)

Please note that once called, competitors should remain within the holding area to ensure that they do not miss their bout. It is the coaches' responsibility to have competitors available for the bout as it is called.

Compliance with the above procedure will help to maintain a constant flow and avoid competitors missing their bouts. Your support in this procedure is appreciated.

BKF Tournament Organiser, Raj Bhardwaj

E-mail: raj@knowitall.co.uk
Mobile: +44 7769 697858
Skype ID: rajknowitall


British Karate Federation

BKF Tournament Organiser, Raj Bhardwaj

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