Returning to training

Easing the lockdown restrictions

You may be aware that the Welsh Assembly Government are easing the lockdown restrictions, which will allow people to return to gyms and leisure centres over the coming weeks.

There are some WAG guidelines available on the return to training, but there is still a need for more clarity, and in the coming days we will provide information as it becomes available.

Members are advised that there will be Covid-19 requirements on the hiring of facilities and weadvise all members who hire premises to check with the hirer's in order to understand and comply with any regulations that they may be imposing.

There is a requirement for all clubs to undertake Risk Assessments and adhere to all safety measures such as social distancing requirements etc.

The WKGB will be forwarding its Return to Training Road Map to member associations and putting its Guidelines for the Return to Karate Training on our website.

Below are some of the measures you may need to consider in advance of returning to training.

  1. Safe Entry and exit to the dojo....maintaining social distancing. That is clearly marked and orderly entry and exit.
  2. Temperature check on entry (electronic devices are widely available through the internet). Possibly simple health check questionnaire on arrival.
  3. Register of those attending, with clear and up to date contact details (should there be an issue. contact and trace will be required)
  4. People to arrive in their Gi's as it is unlikely changing rooms will be available. There may also be a requirement to pre-book sessions.
  5. Training in sports shoes.... no bare feet.
  6. Gi, or training clothes to be cleaned between sessions.
  7. Marked individual training spaces
  8. All those entering and leaving to use sterile cleaning gel (clubs may need to provide)
  9. No sharing of equipment
  10. Cleaning of any areas between classes.
  11. No ki-ai....shouting risks projecting droplets over a wider space.
  12. Correct ventilation... open all windows where possible and as appropriate.
  13. Contact less payments should be considered
  14. No contact training at this time (tbc)
  15. All Safe Guarding protocols to remain in place

In the meantime, keep safe and keep those around you safe,

WKGB Board

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